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Playing the Slot Machine

Every casino would be incomplete without a slot machine. If you see this odd arcade machine, with an arm level on the right or a bulb to be pulled out, then that's the slot machine. Typically there are at least 5 to 10 slot machines in a casino but it depends on the size of the place and number of players who regular try their luck on these slot machines.

The slot machine has three wheels with images around their circumferences. These images or pictures are uniform in size. Furthermore, the wheels appear to be a column in the slot machines' screen. On the other hand, the images look like they are inside a 3 x 3 table.

How the slot machine operates is very simple. We insert a coin or a token or swipe an electronic card. A message below the screen will appear stating that we should press the start button. Old fashioned slot machines use different colored light bulbs to indicate that machine is ready and waiting for us to press the start button.

Once we press the start button, the wheels will start moving. Our objective is to form a three of a kind such as three candies, three 7's, three oranges etc. Some slot machines only pay those three of a kind in the centermost row. If we are playing a three-column or three-wheel slot machine then its centermost row is the second one, isn't it? If we are playing a "super 5 line slot," then the centermost row is the third one.

However, there are slot machines that reward their players if these people form a three of a kind either horizontally (regardless which row they make it) and / or diagonally. There are also some slot machines that pay double especially if a person forms 2 " three of a kind."

In some casinos, the slot machines are called fruit machines. It is not because this slot machine vend out fruits once a combination was formed. It is because the images around the wheels are basically fruits such as oranges, grapes, apples, strawberries and bananas. These slot machines are famous around South American casinos. Perhaps, the logic beyond this is that casinos wanted to identify themselves with the warm tropical climate of the continent. Or they wanted to be easily remembered by their clients and patrons.

Lastly, the slot machine is good chance to test your eye-and-hand coordination. Who knows maybe after spending much time playing the slot machine, one could become rich or one will be good in an activity that requires this adroitness.