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Enjoy the Twilight Zone Slot Machine

Twilight Zone Enter Another slot machine bring players to a different dimension of gambling. These slots games cite the classic Twilight Zone series and film franchise produce by Rod Serling. Twilight Zone slots render IGT's Multi-play and MegaJackpots baits.

Twilight Zone slot game is played on a machine with a 5-reel and 15- paylines. It is from the recently designed slot machines from IGT. Twilight Zone slots game has the most up-to-date betting options and allows a multi-way bets.

This slot machine has a maximum wager of 125 credits. Since this is a penny slots game, the maximum wager is $1.25.

If you are playing the multi-play, then you are not betting on the paylines. Twilight Zone slot game increases your waging option up to ten tomes for there are 243 different ways of multi-play betting that this slot game offers.

International Game Technology has a big success for Multi- play slots game. They have perceive that slot players will get bored of playing the same game layout, so they came out with this multi-play slot machines. Video slot players want a new slot machine that will incorporate all the features of slot machines such as: 25-paylines, 50-paylines and even 100-paylines

So when multi-play slot machines like Twilight Zone Enter Another Dimension come flooding casinos, players now found a new interest and began playing the game. Unlike a normal video slot machine, Twilight zone slots offer among other a bonus game.

Free spins and several prize credits are available in the Twilight Zone slots. Playing on a bonus wheel awaits players who hit the bonus round. This bonus game has a multiplier so you are guaranteed to win not only one but several credits for each spin. The bonus amount ranges from 10 x times to 100 times the value of the original waged amount. It also offers a 5 free spins, 10 more spins, and as many as 15 free spins. Many people do regularly watch the television show Twilight Zone, so they are excited to know that IGT had designed and manufactured a Twilight Zone Enter Another Dimension slot machines. This slot games provide the original theme song and selected clips of Rod Serling popular Twilight zone T.V. series.

Staring out from the screen of Twilight Zone slot machine is Rod Stering, so you'll never overlook "Enter Another Dimension" when you see one in the casino room. Be sure not to forget to play Twilight Zone if you pass by one.