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Slot Machine History Timeline

Charles August Fey has left a legacy that stretches out over a hundred years. Since the invention and introduction of the first mechanical slot machine people have been drawn in by this remarkable invention. Today we see that new innovations are being made on the new slot machines that we see in casinos. Here's a quick look at the history of slot machines.

First stop in our history timeline would be the invention of the slot machine. The first mechanical slot machine was invented in 1897 and was known as the "Liberty Bell". The name came about because the jackpot can be won in that slot machine when you line up the bells.

From 1898 to 1909 the slot machine showed a lot of potential, as the demand for the game was really very high. This was a good quick start in the history of slot machines. At this point in our timeline, several other companies other than the one Charles Fey started began making their own slot machines only with different specifications. Nevertheless, all of the new slot machines were still based on Fey's invention.

In 1909 our history hit a roadblock. There was an anti-gambling campaign that was able to succeed in getting slot machines banned in some states. But, this was a rather temporary setback for the manufacturers and business slowly moved forward.

A major leap was made in our timeline history in 1964. Electro-mechanical machines were released during this part of the timeline. Instead of having springs do the trick, an electro-mechanical machine works with electronic parts. Sounds and lights were added, and now players were able to bet multiple coins at a time.

In 1975 another major leap was made in our timeline history. Walt Fraley invented the first video slot machine and was introduced to casinos known as the "Fortune Coin". Initially, this machine faced some skepticism. People didn't trust the technology enough and would still prefer playing on the older machines.

In 1976 the International Game Technology became the second largest manufacturer of slot machines after purchasing the company that manufactured the Fortune Coin machine.

No later in the history timeline, video poker was introduced and received a following in 1979. This game is a descendant of slot machines. We can say that the 70's was a great period in our historical timeline.

From the 1980's until today, a host of new innovations were released and are still being released. Slot machines can now be played online on a computer with the advent of online casinos.

Charles Fey left a legacy that continues to grow. Our timeline shows that from its advent to the present, slot machines are testaments to man's desire to challenge fate and try their luck.