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What You Need to Know About Slot Machines

We all like to play slots. But which should you play? Here are some tips for you so you can play better at the slot machines. No one can give you a sure way to win the jackpot - if there was a way, we would all be rich! - but there are things you can do to play better, smarter slots until that big day when/if you do win.

Slots require no strategy and almost no rules. This makes it different from other casino games. This makes slots easier to play - but also harder to win since there is no strategy you can use to win.

Slots are played in the same way. You either turn a handle or push a button to make a slot machine spin. Online you use a mouse. It's that simple.

There are two types of slots based on their top prizes or jackpots. The standard, regular slots have fixed jackpots. You can see the payout in pay table that's displayed on the machine. Progressive slots, on the other hand, have steadily increasing jackpots as they are played. Regular slots have better odds for winning, but the prizes are smaller.

Progressive slots have jackpot prizes that can reach millions. There may be one or several slots that have that jackpot in them. Every spin on the machine(s) count toward the progressive jackpot. The more that play and the more slot machines hooked, the bigger the jackpot can get. Some progressive jackpots even spread across different casinos making the top prize very big indeed. But the chances of winning such a jackpot is about the same as winning the lottery.

Slots also have different numbers of reels on them. The classic slot machine has three reels. Others may have four, five or more. Naturally, the more reels there are, the lesser your chances of winning the top prize since there are more reels to match. Generally, three-reel slots are best. Five-reel slots have attractive prizes, but they are hard to win.

Now slots often give you the option to bet one or more credits or coins per spin. If betting one coin can get you $100, two coins can get you $200, three coins $300 and so on, then clearly there is no point in betting more coins. It would only cause you to spend your bankroll faster.

On some slots, you get a much higher payout for betting more coins. In the above example, if five coins can get you $1,000 instead of $500, then obviously it makes sense to bet five coins.

Finally, when you play slots, learn to protect your winnings as well as your original bankroll. The longer you play, the more the odds will be against you. So don't hang on thinking "I can win more" (if you're winning) or "I need to get back what I lost" (if you're losing). If you win, quit. If you keep losing, quit before you lose more. This advice and the rest in this article should help you play slots better and longer.